Safety & Restrictions

Yes! Washington state law states requires all children 12 and under to wear a life jacket while enjoying the Duffy. We have Coast Guard-approved life jackets for children of all ages and sizes up to 125 lbs. Additional life vests are stowed on board each Duffy and will be shown during the safety orientation prior to your cruise.

In addition, each Duffy is equipped with a fire extinguisher, flares, and first aid kit.

If you sense that there is a problem with your Duffy while on the water, please call the office at 425-588-1716. If our troubleshooting does not rectify the situation, we will come tow you back to the dock. In most cases, we will be able to troubleshoot so your cruise can resume. But don't worry, Duffy Boats are extremely stable and will float very well without power until help can arrive.

For your safety and that of other boaters on the lake, there is NO diving, swimming or fishing from the Duffy.

All boats in the fleet are non-smoking vessels. No candles, fireworks, vaping or any flammable liquid or gel is allowed onboard. Firearms and illegal drugs are also prohibited.

Any damage is assessed and charged to the authorized renter. An optional damage waiver is offered prior to leaving the dock for $25 that covers incidental damages to the vessel up to $500. This waiver does NOT cover negligence or liability towards other parties.